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Stem Pharmaceutical is a Brazilian company that focuses on the production and marketing of food supplements.

It develops the most advanced product line and provides the market formulations with higher concentrations of active ingredients in a single dose. To this purpose, it has the most advanced technology and raw materials from qualified suppliers, ensuring the quality of manufactured products, and always benefiting consumers.

Founded in September 2000, and based in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Stem Pharmaceutical is one of the main Brazilian manufacturers of food supplements with exclusively domestic capital. Its products are aimed at health and people who care about quality of life, longevity and well-being through healthy habits.

With a broad vision of the future, the company is constantly investing in equipment, scientific research, excellence in the quality of inputs, monitored production process, training employees and continuous innovation, prioritizing the commitment to quality and respect for the consumer.

Stem Pharmaceutical has a modern industrial plant that meets international quality standards. Its facilities have equipment with the latest technology and it is in full compliance with the current legislation recommended by ANVISA.

Currently, it participates in PGQP (Gaucho Quality and Productivity Program), implementing a policy based on Total Quality Management concepts.



Provide health by improving quality of life through food supplements.



Be one of Brazil’s benchmark companies in food supplements.



- Brand reputation;
- Business transparency;
- Employees as a key part in business success;
- Organization and teamwork;
- Proactive attitudes.



- Economic sustainability;
- Focus on results;
- Customer focus;
- Commitment to quality;
- Concern about food safety.



- Formulations with higher concentrations of active ingredients (RDIs), in a single dose;
- More complete formulations, meeting the customers’ needs;
- Excellence in input quality, monitored processes, training employees, and flexibility to customers;
- Different pharmaceutical forms (tablets, coated pills, chewable tablets, and gelatin capsules);
- Mix of products.



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Stem Pharmaceutical
1481, Bernardino Silveira Amorin Avenue, Bldg 1465
Rubem Berta Neighborhood
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
Zip Code: 91160-001
(+55 51) 3367.4033

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